Shop Our Selection of Saw Blades, Router Bits and other Tools for Sale in Montrose, PA

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If you want to avoid the hassle of online shopping, come to Resharp in Montrose, PA to browse the selection of SENCO tools we have for sale. Thanks to their ease of use and simple maintenance, SENCO tools are the gold standard for contractors.

We also carry tools made by...

  • Hill Country Tool
  • Popular Tool
  • Southeast Tool
  • Whiteside
Please be aware that we have a limited selection of tools. If you make us your go-to supplier, we'd be glad to set aside the products you frequently purchase in case of shortages caused by supply chain issues.

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Meeting the needs of customers in a wide range of industries

We have a wide variety of tools, from router bits to saw blades, for sale at our shop in Montrose, PA. Our selection includes tools commonly used by...

  • Builders, such as nail guns
  • Print shops, such as paper cutters
  • Tree companies, such as chipper knives
Did you know we can repair saw blades and knives? That's right - we can help you extend the service life of your brand-new tools. Call 570-278-2146 now for details.